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Forgotten Lands

  1. Who is working on the project?

    Only myself as a hobbyist. The project is being developed in my spare time.

  2. When is the game going to be released?

    I don't know yet. When it is done, I suppose. The project is being worked on in my spare time, so I have no idea how long it will take to release.

  3. How much is the game going to cost?

    I haven't determined a price yet. This will heavily depend on the quality of the end product and the demand.

  4. What software are you using?

    I am using Unity3D as the game engine. Blender is used for modelling objects, and GIMP for creation of textures and user interface. Lastly I am using Visual Studio as my code editor.

  5. How does your voxel engine work?

    The voxel engine is quite complicated and hard to get running at interactive speeds. A lot of time on research has been gone into my voxel engine. If you have any questions regarding the inner workings of the voxel engine, please contact me directly.

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